Jekyll Quickstart to host your blog on GitHub

How to save a whole day

Posted by Thomas Vincent on April 28, 2015

After spending some time posting the results my analysis on the now defunct wordpress blog, I have come to the realization that the features offered by are insuficient. While it provides a great and straightforward platform for blogging, the inability to embed anything related to JavaScript has sometimes held me back. Furthermore, there is just no support when it comes to adding custom CSS. Therefore, I seeked to find a lightweight blogging platform that would only require some (but not too much) maintenance. After some investigation, it became apparent that GitHub Pages was the best solution, and it would come with the bonus of version control!

Setting up a GitHub page was easy, but constructing a blog scaffold proved to be a bit more difficult. Eventually, a came across the following link, which claims to

Get a complete blog scaffold published and hosted on GitHub Pages in 3 minutes!

To my surprise, this turned out to be true! In addition, it gave the option to choose between a set of various themes (albeit a limited set). To do so, follow this link, which provides a theme launch explorer that displays your blog under various themes. I opted for the clean template, but considered a number of other before finally making up my mind.

Of course, obtaining a template was the start but I still wished to add some additional features and essentially tinker it to my liking. One of the bonus fetures I included was in the About page, where I added a vertical CCS timeline.

The complete usage and documentation is available at: Jekyll Bootstrap